Flywheel Assembly

What is Flywheel Assembly?

A flywheel is a mechanical device specifically designed to efficiently store rotational energy (kinetic energy). Flywheels resist changes in rotational speed by their moment of inertia. The amount of energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of its rotational speed and its mass. The way to change a flywheel's stored energy without changing its mass is by increasing or decreasing its rotational speed. Since flywheels act as mechanical energy storage devices, they are the kinetic-energy-storage analogue to electrical inductors, for example, which are a type of accumulator. Like other types of accumulators, flywheels smooth the ripple in power output, providing surges of high power output as required, absorbing surges of high power input (system-generated power) as required, and in this way act as low-pass filters on the mechanical velocity (angular, or otherwise) of the system. Source : Wikipedia
The List of available Flywheel Assembly are as given below.

Application Suitable For OEM Number Status
Flywheel Assembly 395MM Bharatbenz Truck Available
Flywheel Assembly 430MM Bharatbenz Truck Available
Flywheel Assembly 430MM Man Truck Available
Flywheel Assembly 430MM Tata Prima Available
Flywheel Assembly 430MM Mahindra Navistar/Blazo Available
Flywheel Assembly 380MM AMW Truck Available
Flywheel Assembly Leyland U Truck Available

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